Go rest high…

Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and Ricky Skaggs with a song Vince wrote after his brother’s death. I find peace in this song.

Go Rest High Upon the Mountain

Speaking up

Come let us cross over the river

Sung by Robin and Linda Williams from a dying quote by Stonewall Jackson. I find peace and hope and faith in it.


In and out of season…

My daughters with me in Washington before Women’s March

Thanks but no thanks OH House Republicans

Sent to Akron Beacon Journal:As an ordained Christian minister for over 41 years I can say clearly that we do not need the so-called “Pastor Protection Act” HB 36 which is now in committee of the Ohio House of Representatives. The bill purports to protect Ohio clergy from having to perform acts they do no want to perform. We already have that right. The bill even goes farther to protect so-called undefined “religious societies” from the same thing. This is a bill looking for a reason to exist. There is no need for this bill. 
Since 1990 I have performed over 35 same-gender and transgender marriages that were not recognized by the state until 2015 Supreme Court decision. I was acting in accordance with Judeo-Christian tradition as understood via the biblical narrative and the Reformed theological tradition from which I have descended. There was no concern to support my (and those of many other clergy) religious views back then.
This is not about protection—it is about exclusion, but in the guise of religious freedom. It seeks to pander to a portion of the Ohio Christian community by making it sound like those who support LGBT couples are forcing clergy who don’t agree to perform marriages for these couples. It is not so. I have performed over 400 weddings. There have been a few times I turned down couples for a variety of reasons to perform their marriages. That was my right then as it is in the present the right of every clergy in Ohio to do so in light of our religious freedom.

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